Juvenile & Preschool toys play an important role in children’s world because they are the very first friends of babies and young children. Children love to explore and understand their environment by touching , listening, watching, and interacting with these friends. Children also learn colours, shapes or simply get fun from them. They accompany with young children to grow up and get socialized into this world. Product safety is of paramount importance to babies and young children where Weina is consistent in this aspect. From product development to production, “Safety” is the first thing that comes to our mind. Weina products have gone through extensive testing to ensure they not only comply with, but go beyond the latest safety standard before they are launched to the market. Established in 1990, Weina is expert in design and developing innovative, safe and attractive toys. According to Weina making a baby happy is what every mother and father wants. Weina's ultimate reward is that happy smile of the babies when they are playing with weina toys.

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